Air Naturel devient Airandme

Air Naturel evolves and becomes Air&Me

A new name, a new logo, new perspectives, a new story that is written. Air Naturel was created in 2006 by Nicolas Planté. Sensitive to the problems of indoor air quality, it is positioned as a forerunner by offering a complete and powerful range of innovative devices. Ten years later, the awareness of air quality issues is collective, the issue of air treatment becomes a real public health goal. Air Naturel has always been at the forefront of these societal and environmental changes and continues its evolution by becoming Air & Me.

Nouveau logo Air Naturel

A company in full evolution

2018 sounds the arrival of a new partner in the company: Philippe Carré. Entrepreneur for 20 years and founder of, he brings his expertise in product development and distribution strategy in France and internationally. It instills a new dynamic in the company.

Air Naturel, well established on the national market, has a new objective: to meet a demand beyond French borders. Around the world, the issue of the impact of air pollution on health has become a crucial issue. International news leads all of us to question the quality of the indoor and outdoor air we breathe. The demand for innovative products is therefore considerable today. Air Naturel had to share its expertise to the greatest number.

New partner, new financing and new distributors for an international positioning, it was enough for the company to approach a turn in its brand image.

Air & Me: new goal, new identity

To allow its influence abroad, the idea of ​​transforming the name of the company Air Naturel has become essential. Historically located in France, this name was a reflection of the activity and products offered. A name in French highlighting "the good air at home" but difficult to pronounce for non-francophones.

This identity deserves to follow the new trajectory of the company while anchoring it in a human dimension. Air & Me, defined a more international and modern company that connects the subject to the air he breathes. My air, my health, me, Air & Me was born!

The evolution of the graphic chart was to allow a continuity while projecting itself into an assumed modernity. Looking to the future, a reworking of the visual identity was therefore necessary. To do this, a part of the graphic chart has been preserved: color and typo codes are solid and recognizable markers at first sight.

From an aesthetic point of view, the focus has been on unit. Where kites lose their impact in monochrome, highlighting the symbol of the union between the air and the one that breathes it has a greater visual impact.

This new name and this new visual identity embraces the transformations realized by Air & Me.

The quality requirement and the neat design of the devices which have made the fame of Air Naturel will always be at the center of the concerns of the Air & Me Finally, as a nod to the company's French origins and to bring consistency through a common thread, each new aircraft will be named after a French river. Water as air is essential to life, fresh and dynamic in the image of the Air & Me team!

Lendou, Orain and Jamagne will be the next little newcomers will complete the range

nouvelle identité Air Naturel

graphe nouvelle identité Air Naturel

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