Choose which tecnology air purifier to purify

Among the many purification technologies, our air purifiers are equipped with four different sort of filters:
Particles filter, High Efficiency for Airborne Particles (HEPA), High Potential Particle filter (HPP) and antibacterial air washer.

Air purifiers with particle filter

Purifiers with particles filters

Discover our selection of air purifiers, with particle filter to fight against dust, bacteria and pollen.

Air Purifiers with HEPA Particle Filter

Purifier with HEPA particle filter

Discover our selection of air purifiers, featuring a HEPA particle filter to filter the finest particles of the order of 0.3 μm2

Air purifiers with HPP filter

Purifier with HPP filter

Indoor air is polluted by many substances from outside. HPP filter air purifiers keep them in the filter. Discover our selection!

Our range of air washers

Our range of air washers

Discover our selection of air scrubbers, to allow you to naturally purify and moisten the air with impurities, such as dust, pollen, microbes and bacteria.

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