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Since mid-March, our customers are invited to leave testimonials on the products they have bought and not the website experience anymore, as a survey indicated that our customers would rather do so.

Serge Jarlaud - 14.03.2010
Remarkable efficiency. The E2441N Air-O-Swiss evaporator humidifier, housed in a duplex apartment of 135 m2, is very well insulated and heated to 22 ° C and maintains, at its lowest speed and therefore almost silence, the moisture content Being between 40 and 50% in all the parts. After a week's absence, the humidity level had dropped to 20%; After returning the unit to service, it has risen to 40% in 24 hours. Very fast delivery but Air Naturel packaging can be improved.

Céline cools - 13.03.2010
Fast order processing, good delivery time. I am very satisfied

charlotte - 08.03.2010
I bought an essential oil diffuser. Product nickel. Soon arrived home, in good condition. Satisfied. I also bought an air humidifier. Quick delivery. Product bigger than what I thought but very satisfied. Thank you for designing your products !!

MALFOY - 08.03.2010
Efficiency, fast delivery, nothing to say.

Laurent - 06.03.2010


LEFEBVRE - 06.03.2010
Appreciated the possibility of inquiry. Very fast response from the Air Naturel Team. Rapid delivery of a humidifier DH 30-1. Comprehensive satisfaction to date. Bernard

COCHARD - 05.03.2010
Evaporator humidifier E2441B Air-O-Swiss

marie helene - 05.03.2010
Delivery on time
Compliant diffuser
Very satisfied
Diffuser of essential oils Black pearl

Xavier - 05.03.2010
Very good reactivity to my delivery questions ...


Oskar Black

Xavier - 05.03.2010
No complaints, deadlines respected, products compliant, packaging without risks.

To recommend !
Evaporator 2441 black

NOTE - 05.03.2010
quick delivery
Good quality item
Perfect for everything
to contiue
Evaporator 239

TEPELOS - 02.03.2010
Great site and very good advice. Reactive and competent team. Very nice product and very effective (dehumidifier Narciso 12 installed in a very humid cellar at 96% RH)! What happiness!
Would recommend +++++++

augustine - 28.02.2010
Superbly built site, responses to requests for info clear, fast, friendly. I have just acquired the humidifier E2441N AIR-O-SWISS ... I order a hygrostat to perfect my objective of reaching a correct humidity of the air in a room of home for elderly person (currently, without humidifier : 25 ° and 29% humidity!) I keep you informed in some time to tell you if my goal is reached.

AUSTRUY - 28.02.2010
The E2441N evaporator humidifier is an excellent product.
Installed in a very dry room, I let it idle all night. With a noise almost inaudible, it allows to spend a night in all quietude and a "cool" alarm clock without sensation of blocked nose and other.
As for Air Naturel, the service is perfect and delivery very fast.
The humidifier is really useful for those who still have a doubt !

COCHARD - 22.02.2010

Jean-Luc - 19.02.2010
Great, serious advice, impec delivery. Beautiful box Bravo

samuel - 19.02.2010

Very good product. I installed it in the room of my children, with a surface of 13 m2. When it is very cold (negative temperatures or close to 0), the humidity hardly goes up to 40-45%. When the cold is less dry and therefore with less electric heating, we arrive without problem to 50%. Fast delivery, everything is perfect ...

Antonio - 19.02.2010
Buyer of 2 Humidifiers Evap 239 Stylies.
A bit noisy to my taste (for the night), but effective. Another remark, the received products are dark gray, do not do the picture, but to the description. Delivery and service nickel!

PIOZZOLI - 19.02.2010
Purchase, delivery and impeccable humidifier.

marianne - 19.02.2010
Service remarkable, delivery in very good condition

Jean-Claude - 19.02.2010
OSKAR Humidifier ordered in white but not available; Proposed and accepted in green; The commissioning required a phone call to the customer service who made me unblock the "float level"; OK material, OK delivery
Am very satisfied

DELBRAYELLE - 11.02.2010
Very satisfied: clear site, fast delivery, impeccable!

francoise - 08.02.2010
Very fast delivery, and the model for refrigerator is super, more odor; thank you

PIERRE-ANTOINE - 05.02.2010
Order delivered very quickly, I am very satifait of the purifier henry. Its design is superb and it is really very effective to remove odors and purify the air

PARMENTIER - 05.02.2010
I bought 2 humidifiers that I use for a month.
My heating is electric. These devices improve the quality of the air and in the rooms the quality of sleep.
The service, advice and natural air delivery time are excellent.
I only regret to see that I could have saved € 40 because the devices are on promotion at the moment.

GUIDO - 05.02.2010
I recognize that DPN 20 is a great product for my wine cellar. I no longer smell and this for a reasonable cost a very simple implementation. Delivery is fast and efficient.

Steve - 05.02.2010
Total satisfaction. It is a site that I recommend, both in terms of products, the plan of delivery times or on the care taken in packaging. Simple to use and quiet (Green Fred Humidifier). Great quality for the price

FONFRAID - 01.02.2010
Perfect.Fast delivery, neat packaging.Site to recommend.
Roland 1- 02-2010

fabrice - 01.02.2010
Hello ! This is very good, thank you.

Sébastien - 29.01.2010
Finally appliances that are functional but also design.
The order process is very serious, the deadlines too.
I recommend this site!

christine - 28.01.2010
Parfait! Bonne communication, bons conseils aimables et bons produits!

Jean-Philippe - 27.01.2010
Functional and well designed designs! Impeccable service and delivery.

Steve - 25.01.2010
Only downside: it is impossible to use the voucher of 5 € after leaving my first opinion ...

Reply AN: Sorry about this technical problem, we will be forgiven on the next :-) with a "good double count"

Jérôme - 23.01.2010
Very nice Design, but not so silent as that, 25 Db ca remains audible! Especially in a room. In my living room of just 15 m2, this humidifier increased my rate of hygrometry by 50%

Laetitia - 22.01.2010
I just received the oskar humidifier. Very beautiful and well. Quite quiet but set to 55% humidity it stops after 5 minutes while my Oregon scientific weather station indicates 35% humidity ... I hope this is not an anomaly. Should it better put it in a space very clear ...

Valentine - 13.01.2010
Ultrasonic humidifier of very good quality, fast shipping, I really recommend

BURDET - 08.01.2010
Perfect transaction. Products and sending fast and thank you Thank you very soon.

BECK - 07.01.2010
Satisfactory service: product received very quickly and without problems.
Humidifier to test for effectiveness

SOULIER - 06.01.2010
Very satisfied with the Stylies humidifier. Easy and efficient operation. Very satisfied also of the delivery time (72h) in full Christmas period. Alain on 06/01/2010
Humidifier fred.
Quality appliance and delivery on time and without problem.

Geo - 31.12.2009
Electronic air purifier. High performance, incredibly quiet. I am delighted thank you

RIOULT de NEUVILLE - 29.12.2009
As expected, the delivery of my hot steam humidifier Fred arrived for Christmas. The person who received it as a gift loved it! Simple, easy and essential!
Thank you

Lionel - 28.12.2009
Good product, great service (fast delivery) and excellent site: detailed description of products with consumer reviews, documentation / user manual of each product online, interesting articles in the blog, etc.
Complete site, nice to consult ... so to recommend!

Powerful dehumidifier 12 L / J and weather station

Thierry - 21.12.2009
Quality product, super fast delivery, site to recommend.

vincent - 17.12.2009
I ordered not long ago a max auxiliary heater and a diffuser of essential oils Buddha and they arrived super fast and these are really top products! A big thank-you

Erwan - 14.12.2009
Mini humidifier super convenient, delivery in 24 hours and online advice very well done. It's a pleasure to meet real pros. Good continuation

Mourtaza - 11.12.2009
A serious site and a very fast delivery time.
I am satisfied with my purchase on this site.

Délia - 11.12.2009
I am delighted with the humidifier, fast delivery, super simple to use, really recommend the E2441 AirSwiss, I will recommend on this site. Delia

Emilie - 01.12.2009
Mini humidifier modern, compact, silent and for small budget, in short excellent! Perfect for bedroom, office or hotel rooms where the air is too dry. Would highly recommend!

cyrille - 28.11.2009
We are very satisfied both by the processing of the order (very fast delivery) and by the product (dehumidifier DDH 10-1) which corresponds to our expectations Very serious, which is rather rare today

Marie - 26.11.2009
Fast shipping, good advice Thank you! Mini Pink Humidifier

Arnaud - 25.11.2009
Good product, trouble-free delivery and fast.

Mini air humidifier DDH 10-1

Anabel - 25.11.2009
Excellent combination of performance and design. A + point: frankly, the quietest humidifier on the market!

Evaporator humidifier E2441N Air-O-Swiss

paul - 25.11.2009
Fast delivery and no breakage Essential Oil Diffuser Glassware

céline - 18.11.2009
Very efficient electric diffuser. A small flat in the lightness of the diffuser because with the plastic wire the diffuser glass is not very stable. Quick delivery.
Diffuser of essential oils TSYLIA

Henry-paul - 13.11.2009
Air Dehumidifier DDH 10: Fast delivery, efficient and relatively quiet product (no noise heard from a neighboring room).
A false contact may exist at the water reservoir, which prevents the unit from operating, but just push the tank down and the problem is resolved. Conclusion: satisfied with my purchase

Job - 04.11.2009
Delivery OK, the little extra heater is really good. It warms up quickly!

boris - 31.10.2009
Fast delivery and very well protected package.
This dehumidifier with hygrostat control is very practical, automatic management of the humidity level that we regulate ourselves.
Small, powerful, design and not very noisy.

Cuauhtemoc - 30.10.2009
Impeccable service. Quick delivery. I recommend
AIR-O-Swiss 2441 Evaporative Humidifier and Filters

Fabiola - 30.10.2009
I ordered the mini natural air dehumidifier. Fast delivery and it's been a week that I use it and there is already change. It is discreet and not generating at the level of space. Perfect for small spaces :)

Mini Dehumidifier DDH 10-1

EMMANUEL - 27.10.2009
Fast delivery, very pro. Really pleased!

Professional Dehumidifier

DELPHINE - 23.10.2009
- Advisor smiling and informs very well.
- delivery within 48 hours as agreed.
- good quality product
- I recommend !

Ultrasonic air humidifier

Michel - 23.10.2009
Tip on the phone serious and friendly, compliant product delivered within 48 hours.
Thank you

Mini air humidifier DDH10

Joseph - 18.10.2009
Easy online order, ..... correct product prices but high foreign delivery prices Finally it was a gift then ....
AN: Our prices of deliveries abroad are only a participation of those actually invoiced by colissimo international

stephanie - 16.10.2009
SUPER SAV, tuned and very fast in problem solving, thank you.

Elena - 16.10.2009
I ordered an air purifier (convenient, it purifies the air and kills germs), everything went well except the bank payment, I had to send a check. Delivery and service were good.

Answer Air Naturel: We had malfunctions on the regulations due to maintenance of SPPLUS, Savings Bank. We are sorry for the gene caused

Véronique - 13.10.2009
Good service, searching for relevant needs. To recommend

Harold - 09.10.2009
Super site, sending ultra fast and especially I found a very specific product that I could find anywhere else, a serious site I recommend

annabelle - 09.10.2009
After doing a lot of research in shops and on net I finally found an electric diffuser. Essential oil design and reasonable price. The service is serious (nikel packaging) and fast. Very happy with my purchase.

Herbert - 08.10.2009
Air-O-Swiss Mini Humidifier

Marie anne - 08.10.2009
Very good advice, very good products, in short go there eyes closed
Air humidifier by evaporation

Joana - 25.09.2009
Hello, I received in 24 hours my order, very well packed. I plugged the product into my room, everything worked fine.
Mini air humidifier

JESSICA - 24.09.2009
What a luck to all ... I ordered at the end of August, unfortunately fan out of stock. ... then for next year? perhaps

Pierre-Yves ou Maud - 19.09.2009
At last, after several months, I started. I do not like to give my opinion too early, without hindsight. My opinion will concern the air purifier DPN 20-1, and I will try to be brief: as indispensable as effective! Our daughter, allergic to dust - so to dust mites - took medication to stop coughing at night. Since its inception, the worries have disappeared! Not the allergy, but the disadvantages, yes. With the agreement of our doctor, we gradually decreased the medicated doses, eventually stopping them, and she coughs no more. That's the point. In addition, this opinion may also be useful: for having looked for a long time on the Internet, I realized that many people suffered from cross allergies, and that by decreasing their consumption of lactose, they felt better ... Many products have a reduced lactose content currently, so nothing costs to try.

For AN service and delivery: remarkable. In time, accused, serious follow-up.Internet user who ordered on the net for more than 10 years, I think I can recognize a very good site, to recommend.Thank you and continue!

Martine - 16.09.2009
Quick delivery. Black Pearl super silent, does not heat, preserves essential oils. I recommend it. MVIC BLACK Pearl Essential Oil Diffuser

Valentine - 15.09.2009
Topissime, bravo for advice and welcome. Impressive to have a website that reminds the customer !! Air-O-Swiss Ultrasonic Humidifier

Mathieu - 07.09.2009
Humidifier received ultra fast, product conforms to the description, it is super beautiful and good quality air. Ultrasonic air humidifier DH 30-1

Sébastien - 01.09.2009
Received air dehumidifier not working. After rapid exchange and without special constraint, it works. Only downside, the return shipping costs have not been refunded.

AN: That's true, but we sent you back the product for free. In traditional trade, in case of problem, you also report the product (at your expense), and come to look for it (always at your expense) when it is repaired (and rarely under 48 hours like home ;-)). Sorry anyway for this mishap

Fabienne - 25.08.2009
Fast delivery in good condition and very effective product. (Air dehumidifier)

Nadine - 21.08.2009
Very fast and impeccably packed delivery of an air conditioner with split whose use proves in all points according to the description.

Jerome - 06.08.2009
Thank you for this delivery of the Charly small fan. Very nice, quiet, efficient, perfect size. Congratulations also for your contact very pro, excellent communication and concern for the service. Continue like that !

JEROME - 18.07.2009
Serious site. Overall satisfied with service and product. Design ventilator LILLY black Stadler Form

GUILLAUME - 17.07.2009
Just great :) I looked for a fan design, original and not too expensive 100% satisfied. In addition super fast delivery. Just a little too noisy in max position but we do not want it is too good lol. Design fan Q Stadler Form

Christophe - 17.07.2009
Very good contact. fast service. Design fan OTTO Stadler Form

Marc - 16.07.2009
Nice and fast service with my interlocutor of ""! Original products, and what "Q" so beautiful ... ;-) A wonderful fan, who does what you ask. No miracle for noise, but it is very acceptable, and then it is beautiful! Yes, but we never get tired of it.

GERALDINE - 15.07.2009
Exceptional Q fan, super design that makes its small effect, incredible efficiency and silent which does not spoil anything. Geraldine

ARNAUD - 06.07.2009

HELENE - 04.07.2009
Delivery fast enough, with these heat is desirable! The product worked well and the installation was not too complicated (dixit my husband) Helena Reversible air conditioning Dream

Michel - 26.06.2009
Delivery deadlines respected. Very good value for money. I bought this product to raise orchids in a room of 150 m3. Result 50/62% moisture. Perfect. Air O Swiss E2441 Evaporator Humidifier

CATHERINE - 24.06.2009
Dehumidifier design, small, super efficient: a very good buy Catherine Mini Air Naturel Dehumidifier

Jason - 12.06.2009
It seems I am the first one to post in English! Good information on product, fast delivery. Perfect
Air Purifier Blueair 402

Jean Claude - 08.06.2009

David - 08.06.2009
One of the best site for the purchase of quality air purifier, the site is easy to use, very fast delivery, well packaged product and perfect phone support. Site highly recommended Air Purification - Blueair 201

Sébastien - 06.06.2009
Serious website, design items, fast delivery, very good service. FRED hot steam humidifier, essential oil diffuser

CHRISTINE - 05.06.2009
Site very well done, serious, fast delivery, very good product, the only negative would be a lack of technical support on our choice Air Purification - Blueair 201

Sébastien - 09.05.2009
Very good quality items and very good service on tt plans as well as telephone reception !!!!! To pleasure Seb Essential Oil Diffuser - Essential Oils

Benoit - 21.04.2009
Excellent, fast shipping and neat, thank you very much! :) Air purification

Martial - 20.04.2009
Difficult to do better as reactivity. Easy communication. Good material, well packed, fast parcel departure. Very good. To be trusted. Air humidification - electronic ultrasonic and hygrostat

anne - 11.04.2009
I bought "MAX" sending was fast and neat site very serious thank you

cecile - 10.04.2009
I bought the humidifier E2441N, it is a great product, very design by cons, the price is high The shipment was hyper fast

Antoine - 22.03.2009
Safe and very competitive site. Communication, Quality Delivery. In short, you can order without fear.

Marie-Laure - 20.03.2009
Fast and neat delivery, good quality products, excellent sales relationship.

YOUSSEF - 20.03.2009
Fast delivery, good product, serious seller, very advised

Florence - 13.03.2009
We are waiting for a third device but the delivery of the first two was very fast, and our third device problem while the stock was exhausted was handled efficiently with pleasant and fast phone information. Congratulations!

BERNARD - 03.03.2009
Fast delivery, efficient device (air humidifier). Satisfied with my purchase. Laurence M

Steve - 02.03.2009
Great shopping site! Fast order, fast delivery and remarkable products. The Blueair 501 has changed our lives! Significant reduction in symptoms related to mites and pollens. Even my wife who is not allergic finds that the air of the house is purer.

Regis - 20.02.2009
Fast, efficient and at all points confrome to our expectation. What is the optimal installation? thank you

sébastien - 20.02.2009
Very fast delivery: surprising

Sandrine - 20.02.2009
Fast delivery, product according to description, no surprises

Pascale - 20.02.2009
Very good product: easy order and fast delivery

Dominique - 17.02.2009
Product delivered in time and in perfect condition. Nothing to say

martine - 16.02.2009
Quick delivery . A little disappointed though ... I thought I would get a little more water. To see in time.

Jean-Pierre - 14.02.2009
Delivery received very quickly, quality product according to description. Special mention for detailed descriptions and user manuals downloadable

LUCIEN - 13.02.2009
lucien - 13/02/08
Satisfied with the transaction very fast.

ELODIE - 07.02.2009
Very good site: serious, fast and availability of the team. I am delighted with my "fred". Good continuation

Marie France - 07.02.2009
I was far from convinced ... by chance, I had the opportunity to see the diffuser of essential oils in action ... and here I am conquered, acquired to the cause of the diffuser! In addition, it is beautiful and fits in all environments; a success ! Marie-France

Sébastien - 05.02.2009
Quick delivery Good product Very friendly Interesting price I have not used this product yet but will do so in the next few days

Marc - 04.02.2009
Delighted to have bought a hygrostat which allows me to order a large fan misting to moisten our cellar barrel breeding. Great quality for the price.

gerard - 04.02.2009
I bought a mini dehumidifier for my boat and I am very satisfied. I will soon order a 2nd for the caravan

Man - 03.02.2009
A beautiful site, beautiful products almost impossible to find elsewhere, a service that seems to be up to the price, studied and very interesting with sales, fast delivery and packaging neat ... I am not disappointed To have discovered you through the forums. Continue like this and long life to Air Naturel.

Anne-Marie - 03.02.2009
As I have 2 large rooms of 45 m2, I ordered two humidifiers. I must say that in use they seem to me not to give satisfaction, I can barely reach the minimum of hygrometry (40 °). I am a little disappointed, especially since the price is quite high for such simple equipment.

STEPHANE - 03.02.2009
I ordered a DPN 20-1 air purifier, I had a delivery problem with the post, and there was a very quick reaction of natural air which sent me back very quickly my order, to very Soon to tell you if I am satisfied with this material, for the moment very well .....

maurice - 03.02.2009
Compliments: serious punctuality relationship design Vive Fred

Sandra - 03.02.2009
I ordered an electric diffuser and the result is: Ultra fast, ultra serious, ultra efficient. THANK YOU

ludovic - 01.02.2009
Hello, super fast shipping, very reliable site thank you

michel - 31.01.2009
Treatment of the very fast cd and packaging of the neat material. "Home" serious recommend. thank you

FREDERIC - 31.01.2009
Fast delivery-compliant-satisfied product

PHILIPPE - 30.01.2009
Super small device; A small problem during transport (independent of the vendor) was promptly resolved; Super reactivity, excellent communication (thank you for calling me directly), briefly to recommend. Phil

NOA et LOUIS - 30.01.2009
Fast delivery, product care, satisfied

Anne-Marie - 13.01.2009
Ease of use, simplicity of product. Maybe a bit just for the volume of the room (model 40 to 100 m2). Cost a little high ... (humidifier FRED)

Jean Pierre - 01.01.2009
Henry a superb object ... I would keep you up to date, but I believe. Already an Air of competence in this world of crude. Service and delivery very efficient, what is said is done ... What is done is well done. This gives the Air of Happiness ... Best wishes for 2009

alain - 31.12.2008
Fast delivery and neat, nothing has redire.Site to recommend.

Eliane - 30.12.2008
Very good telephone reception, person who knows very well its products and very good advice. Fast delivery. Congratulations for your site and long life to him

Christophe - 29.12.2008
Very fast delivery. I am not disappointed with the product, it does very well its work and I can leave it day and night without worrying. For a room to dehumidify, I recommend this product (DDH10-1)

Benedicte - 29.12.2008
Delivery well packed and well arrived. Thank you for the relevance of your advice, the time you have devoted to me and the selection of your range.

Sophie - 28.12.2008
Thank you Santa!Delivery JUST in Time !! Bravo and thank you for keeping me informed

Yves - 23.12.2008
Fast delivery and product as described. Thank you.

CATHERINE - 22.12.2008
Fast delivery and very pleasant customer service, thank you for reminding me so fast

CATHERINE - 22.12.2008
I bought a very design air humidifier. I am delighted, and my green plants too! We breathe much better since.

erwan - 22.12.2008
Fast delivery and neat, nothing has reedire.Site to recomand.

francois - 20.12.2008
Perfect home, good advice, fast delivery, very good dealer. to recommend.

christine - 15.12.2008
Command received in time and time, product corresponding to the description I have more than to try it

Jacques - 11.12.2008
Superb auxiliary heating received very quickly. I was (pleasantly) surprised by its large size. I find its setting very accurate. Thank you

Alexandre - 11.12.2008
I am delighted with my purchase. I find the humidifier (DH30) both aesthetic, easy to use and especially very useful. I installed it in my son's room, which often had mild respiratory problems (dry cough in the morning). I plug it in every night, and I find the morning in good shape.To adopt as soon as possible!


florence - 09.12.2008
Good product, excellent delivery well packaged and on time .A recommend

MATHIEU - 09.12.2008
Superb design with quality manufacturing at the RDV. Very fast delivery. I highly recommend.

Yannick - 09.12.2008
Contact very nice and good advice, Delivery 1 week, Problem on a transformer set in 2 days so very good after sales service

gregory - 08.12.2008

Viriato - 08.12.2008
Impeccable service, delivery on time, DPN 20-1 is a very practical product, which does not release ozone. The price of the replacement filters seems to me a little high, maybe it will evolve.

Emmanuelle - 08.12.2008
Very good. RAS. Compliant delivery.

Joanna - 05.12.2008
Fast delivery and product as described;

marie jeanne - 03.12.2008
Nothing to say, fast delivery, satisfied with diffuser thanks

philippe - 03.12.2008
Fast shipping and fast delivery to recommend..............

anne - 02.12.2008
Very efficient product and delivery in 2 days !! Amazing !!

Benoit - 01.12.2008
Correct delivery, very good contact, very fast reactivity. Efficient product with a beautiful design. Very nice phone call. Site of trust and quality.

anne marie - 01.12.2008
Fast delivery, dehumidifier with nice design, I'm trying to test it in a room.

Nicolas - 27.11.2008
2 Dehu DDH10-1 bought at 11H, received the next day - efficient and impeccable delays. Site super nice, innovative with tabs "notice" and "in situations". BRAVO for design.

Béatrice - 20.11.2008
Very satisfied with the small dehumidifier, as for the service: very fast delivery and efficient and pleasant customer service.

Emmanuelle - 14.11.2008
Finally a company that offers solutions to improve the air of the house! I would like to congratulate you for the quality and speed of the service. My asthmatic son feels much better since I installed the air purifier in his room.

Benoit - 14.11.2008
Very happy with the little dehumidifier! Delivery and installation very easy.

Benedicte - 13.11.2008
A very nice contact, fast delivery, congratulations! Good continuation

philippe - 07.11.2008
Objects that are not always found elsewhere, with fast and quality service. Congratulations!

Delphine - 27.10.2008
The small dehumidifier is super efficient just by seeing the volume of water extracted! It's economical and clever!

Stéphanie - 23.10.2008
Great little appliances to change the air. Humor is sometimes necessary. No complaints

Alexandre - 23.10.2008
Product to Top! Quick delivery. Thanks again.

jean claude - 22.10.2008
jean claude 21/10/2008
Although on the defensive for these products to buy, I am now convinced. Bravo and when, in addition, delivery times are also short, still bravo.

Jean-Michel - 20.10.2008
Design, zen and fast delivery. Congratulations and thank you

GERALDINE - 20.10.2008
Fast delivery, no problems, the products work perfectly and their design is truly original, conquered! Gé lmr.

VIRGINIE - 18.10.2008
My pretty blue heating Max works wonders in my small wet bathroom! Impeccable delivery on time, great!

Gilles - 18.10.2008
Gorgeous product range. Congratulations for the speed of delivery. My humidifier is now on its way!

justine - 30.09.2008
Finally nice products for the treatment of air

JC - 30.09.2008
The design of the devices is splendid. Bravo

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